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But the multi-billion industry of online dating is allowed to run wild, while corrupting hearts of millions of lonely guys worldwide, who believe the women they are talking to are genuine.

Dating scams with fake communication, fabricated profiles, chat bots break every business and consumer protection regulation.

It’s hard for outsiders to decipher what is real and what is not. The site called its bots “virtual cupids”, the practice was found deceptive.

Some sites went ahead and spelled out the use of bots in their terms of service.

So no, you probably wouldn’t know if you were talking to a chat bot instead of a human.

My friend Damien spends hours flipping through photos of the lovely ladies his city has to offer.

An educated, professional jury was fooled by a Ukrainian-designed chat bot that it was human. One reason why experts think it was possible is the language barrier: People are more forgiving of a non-native English speaker making errors in communication, thinking it’s due to language problems. Then you will know for sure if your chat friend is a real person and not a bot.

My suggestion on the new rules for dating sites: Lawyers have to display their credentials in the offices and get a license.

Real estate agents have to spell out the size of commissions they receive on sale and get a license.

As of late, these alluring automations are dominating online dating.

Sex bots — or artificially-intelligent programs posing as real people — are designed to seduce lonely hearts into coughing up some cash.

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  1. Nun fragt man sich natürlich zunächst: „Was ist der Unterschied zwischen „Messages“ und „E-Mail“? auch Chatnachrichten, die man mit anderen Mitgliedern evtl. „E-Mails“ sind hingegen im Zweifel etwas längere Nachrichten, die man einem Mitglied über das jeweilige Profil zukommen lassen kann.