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‘He didn’t want it to become a comic frippery,’ Babani told me.

‘It’s about real people, in real situations.’Watching rehearsals, I’d say White has got the balance just about right.

His War Of The Roses cycle may be engrossing drama but it's more Tudor propaganda than accurate history.They've been involved in a few conspiracy theories of their own." The Princes in the Tower airs on ABC1 on Sunday at 8.30pm.The woman she was itching to play defied Britain’s government and Bechuanaland’s colonial powers when she married Seretse.He certainly looks beautiful as the golden-haired, leather-jerkined prisoner being interrogated in a 15th-century dungeon by enemies determined to unmask him as one of the greatest conmen of all time.Will Umbers' character be revealed as Perkin Warbeck, son of a Swedish boatman? - Richard, Duke of York, rightful heir to the British throne, son of Edward IV, brother of the boy-king Edward V and one of the two young royals supposedly murdered in the Tower of London by their "evil uncle", Richard III.

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