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Later, Charlotte has a surprise encounter with Big that leaves her so outraged that her water breaks.

Big takes her to the hospital and waits until baby Rose is born, hoping to see Carrie.

On the wedding day, (partially due to Miranda's words at the rehearsal dinner) Big is too fearful to go through with the ceremony. Carrie furiously attacks him with her bouquet while he earns scathing looks from Miranda and Charlotte, as well as from the crowds of New Yorkers watching the scene unfold.

To console Carrie (who is depressed, and at the beginning of the holiday doesn't eat anything for two days), the four women take the honeymoon that Carrie had booked to Mexico, where they de-stress and collect themselves.

Carrie travels to the exquisite penthouse Big had bought for them to collect a pair of brand new Manolo Blahnik shoes (that later become one of the icons of the movie) that she had left there.

She finds Big in the walk-in closet he had built for her, and the moment she sees him, her anger at his betrayal dissipates.

It was in mid-2007 that the plans for making the movie were announced again.

Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte turn up to surprise Carrie, having been called by Big.

The film ends with the four women sipping cosmopolitans, celebrating Samantha's fiftieth birthday, with Carrie making a toast to the next fifty.

After reflecting on the argument she had with Carrie, Miranda agrees to attend couples counseling with Steve, and they are eventually able to reconcile.

Samantha finds her five-year-old relationship passionless, and begins over-eating to keep from cheating on Smith with a gorgeous neighbour, Dante.

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The project was pitched within the Time Warner family (owners of HBO) and was picked by sister concern New Line Cinema.

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