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“A few faithful followers have shared that it is a pleasant interruption to see that tweet and know that they are being called to pray with others in real time.” Short prayers throughout the day are a great way to increase your prayer life.

If you are concerned about having time, pray for it.

We can also significantly cut into our prayer time while looking for what we need.

Getting a time of prayer started can be challenging. Walt who writes a daily devotional called for Asbury Theological Seminary’s says his daily posts are a “way of sowing the seeds of Scripture into the people of God in ways that are sprouting up into all sorts of creative prayer and work in the Kingdom.” Experiment with some helps to find what works for you.

The Upper Room provides helpful resources like their wonderful daily devotions , an online Living Prayer Center, and print resources on prayer. There is no right way to pray, as there is no right way to have a conversation with your best friend.

“You need to see prayer life as special time for dating with God.” He continued, “God who loves you dearly wants to spend time with you and to hear everything about your life.” Change your mindset from Change takes time. When that happens, forgive yourself and keep going.

Remember the benefits of the deeper prayer life you seek.

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The connection to our health may be stronger than we know. It may be first thing in the morning, in the evening, during your lunch break, your commute, or time spent waiting for the kids. Then put the appointment in your calendar and keep it. Joseph Kim of Manlius United Methodist Church in New York encourages us to have a place to pray as well.

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